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We have created this web site to assist our DAV and DAVA Members in performance of their duties as well as to provide them with the electronic tools and information they may need. Please browse around and save some bookmarks so you can return to those pages you find most helpful and necessary. Should something not be found or if you need help understanding where various items might be hiding, please let us know. If you have stories, events, pictures or data you wish to share with your fellow Veterans, please contact us so we may publish it. Here is an introductory quick note from our Department Adjutant.

I hope the design of this Web Page will assist members and chapter officers in obtaining information regarding services provided by our Department and National Organization.

If you have any questions or any suggestions for improvements please feel free to contact me at (508) 735-7543.”

Yours Truly,
Daniel P. Stack, Department Adjutant

How Do I File My VA Claim?

There are multiple ways to file a claim with the Veterans Administration.


You can go to their website www.va.gov and click on Benefits. Their prompts will then assist you on filing a claim.


You can contact your local Department of Mass. Veterans Service Officer. Their names and addresses can be found at www.massvetsadvisor.org and type in your zip code in the box next to “Find VSO”.


If you wish to have the D.A.V. National Service Office represent and assist you with your claim, you may contact them at http://www.benefits.va.gov/boston or call 617-303-5675.

* In addition to our National Service Office. the Department of Massachusetts has department service officers available to assist you. Below are their locations and times of operation:

How Do I Contact The National Service Office?

The DAV National Service Office is located at the JFK Building, 15 Sudbury Street, Room 1575B, Boston, MA 02203 TEL: 617-303-5675

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